Pause. Breath. Sea breeze.

Pale Brasilis is the expression of a universe that combines comfort and freshness, beauty and well-being, harmony and connection with nature. Our mission is to connect our customers, through our creations, with the essence and energy of this universe that has in Rio de Janeiro its greatest source of inspiration.


The carioca brand enchants its audience with timeless and handmade designs, crafted by Brazilian artisans in different types of straw. Carnaúba and Buriti are at the heart of our compositions. Fine touches in leather, gold and brass emerge to enhance and give a unique look to each piece.


Our spirit is natural and handcrafted. Our creation process, light and serene. Our inspirations, full of affection and memories of a coastal world that renews our energies and connects us with everything that makes us feel good.


Pale is proud to be Brazilian and to express through its products – created in Rio – Brazil's cultural richness and natural resources.







The tropical lifestyle of the city of Rio de Janeiro awakened in designers, Ana Voss and Brunno Jahara, the desire to develop new products that give life to Rio style. A style which is authentic, unpretentious and coastal.


To make this dream come true, the designers, with their vast artistic experience, bet on a natural and universal material that has been widely used in the tropics since the natives: straw. Thus, in 2016, the Paleae Brasilis Project shows up. An entire collection of beach objects and accessories for the home and the body. Hats, shoes, basket and lamps that carry with them the free and tropical spirit of living.


The process of creating together enriched the result, transposed disciplines. And, above all, it enchanted the audience. In 2021, Ana Voss decides to found the Pale Brasilis brand.


Pale Brasilis continues in its essence of conceiving new perspectives on beach accessories. In her creations, Ana molds hats in different ways, uses the domes of her lamps as a base for bags and mixes golden and leather details in the modeling of natural straw sandals and caps. Brunno maintains his bond with Pale, this time as a collaborator of the brand in the homeware line. In his creations, light brass structures protect and perpetuate the straw forms. Simple baskets are transformed into pendant lamps, for floor and table, which use LED technologies to illuminate and create beautiful effects of being under the shade of a coconut tree on the beach.


The history of Pale continues to be written every day. In our design studio. By the hands of our skilled artisans. And by our customers who, inside and outside Brazil, give life to a universe where freshness and beauty are combined in a fine t